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What are B&B VEADO’s assets?

onze troeven:


a unique building

Paul Schellekens is one of the 'Turnhoutse School's absolute pioneers. His modernist building style can be recognized in its many Scandinavian influences (lots of wood) and the use of the basic elements in a brute way. As such, the brick and mortar aren't hidden. And only the four base colours are incorporated.

B&B VEADO's building has been Paul Schellekens' own home for a long period. And its unique shape is what drew us closer, allowing us to see its potential as a B&B. While renovating and refurbushing the building into a B&B, we could only take inspiration from Paul's style. So we consulted with Diederik Nagels of archictectural firm BLEND. That's why we opted for a sleek design, with only reds, greens, blues and yellows. Purely contrasted by white, brick and mortar. There's simply no other home like this in Belgium. 


yummy breakfast

There's no better feeling than starting each morning in our light and fresh breakfast nook. You can join other guests for breakfast, but don't feel obliged to. We provide a varied and healthy buffet with plenty to choose from, even a warm dish if you want to. If you inform us on time, we'll definitely take note of your specific needs or desires. Lactose or gluten-free products are no strangers in our B&B, so no worries! And if the sun is shining, we'll be the last people to prevent you from enjoying your freshly brewed cup of coffe at one of our patios outside, after breakfast!


peace & quiet in green surroundings

Life goes by so quickly. We understand that. That's why we only chose three room, so you'd have a place to always feel at ease. Moreover, we have a big, green and stylish garden to take in the sun and relax completely. We also chose not to be in the city centre itself. But we're close enough so you can easily get where you want to go (city centre, city park, nature reserves...you name it). 

And for those of you who want to enjoy nature more actively, we are close to the walking and biking routes that are so prevalent in the Antwerp region. Lots and lots of green areas and nothing stopping you from exploring nature!

By the way, we'd like to live in a sustainable future. So, we prepare all meals ourselves, we work together with local suppliers, we look to the sun for our electricity & heating. And we offer a charge point for electric bikes. All the little things help, don't they?


why turnhout?

Turnhout is a Flemish city with a rich history (dates back to before 1110!) and is working actively on upscaling the city infrastructure. You can do some shopping in the main street but enjoy culture in 'De Warande' as well. And you're just a couple of minutes removed from various, easily accessible nature reserves. So it's a combination of all the modern city comforts and an equal amount of peace and quiet in nature.

To each his own, of course. But we like the following:

  • The city centre…
    • …Unesco protected Beguinage (specific type of convent)
    • …Taxandria museum
    • …Paterspand
    • ...Castle of the Dukes of Brabant (now the courthouse in Turnhout)
    • …renowned culture centre ‘De Warande’, co-designed by Paul Schellekens
  • Nature in the vicinity…
    • …City park (at about 200 meters!)
    • …protected 'Turnhouts Vennengebied' (natural park & wetlands)
    • …historical Grotenhout forest

And that's simply the tip of the iceberg. Turnhout doesn't have the magnitude of Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges or Brussels, but there's a lot to enjoy. We'd be happy to share our experience on some hip bistros, restaurants and bars in the city centre. And you can take the bike to visit those, just leave your car in our driveway.


our parking & access

We purposefully chose the green surroundings. Not just for the peace & quiet, but also because we can easily offer you a place to park your car. You just access our driveway and your car (with or without bikes!) can stay there for free, for your entire stay. And we have a spot for your bicycle in our covered cycle shed. 

You can reach us equally easily, when exiting the E34 highway (exit 23 is less than five minutes away) by car, which comes in handy when you are visiting one or multiple companies in the region. You can reach all the important industrial parks like that. But if you're a cyclist, nothing's stopping you from heading straight out. You can use the official cycle network (junction 48 is not even 300 meters away). It should take you no time to get to wherever you're going.

As long as we see you back at night, of course!